UK Python Conference 2003 – schedule

This is the provisional schedule for the Python tracks. There will be 2 days of talks, with 2 parallel tracks.

The ACCU format consists of 90 minute slots. It is well know that Python programmers are more productive and can finish in 30 or even 45 minutes. Therefore, it is best to think of these slots as “placeholders” with a “coordinator” – the talk given will definitely take place, but we may well give over a chunk of the same period to related panels, lightning talks and mini tutorials on the same theme.

This is part of a larger established event running through to Saturday with many of the luminaries of the programming world

There is also space at the venue on Monday and Tuesday for related events and we will be working to add a Zope day, Python Business Forum days, sprints, training events and so on in order to make this an unmissable week.

Day 1 – Wednesday 2 April 2003
09:00-10:00Keynote: Why Design Another Programming Language?
Guido van Rossum
 Web Services Track Python Techniques Track
10:30-12:00Siena Web Service Architecture
Marc-AndrĂ© Lemburg – Software GmbH
 Extreme Programming in Python
Chris Withers, NIP Ltd.
 Lunch, short presentations, vendor presentations etc.
Duncan Grisby
 Python Patterns
Duncan Booth
16:00-17:30RESTful Python
Hamish Lawson
 Parsing and Text Processins
Andrew Koenig, AT&T Research
 Evening: Birds of a Feather meetings
Day 2 – Thursday 3 April 2003
09:00-10:00Keynote: In the spirit of C
Greg Colvin
 ??? Track Crossover Track
10:30-12:00Object Storage in Python
Boyd Roberts, AB Strakt
 Intro to Python for C++ and Java Programmers
Alex Martelli, AB Stakt
 Lunch, short presentations, vendor presentations etc.
14:00-15:30PyCard – Industrial Strength GUI development
Andy Todd
 Python, C and C++
Duncan Booth
16:00-17:30Lightning Talks
Paul Brian
Anthony Eden
 Reception followed by late night BOFs
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